The Feminine Touch: Q&A with Horror Director Karen Lam


18 thoughts on “The Feminine Touch: Q&A with Horror Director Karen Lam”

  1. Thanks Theresa, please keep coming back. We’re sure to have more by Karen Lam coming up soon.

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  3. This is an arcltie that makes you think “never thought of that!”

  4. This is good. My favourite genre is crime fiction, especially the Scandinavian writers. Although out of my age group I will mist certainly sample this author’s work as soon as I get yo the library. Also, I like that she is a cat lover and makes sweaters!

  5. Great Interview Alison! Great q&a. Loved learning about Horror genre and Karen Lam. Man, the Evangeline trailer was so entirely creepy. Crazy! Awesome!
    PS. Karen, if you ever need a testimony of what actual demons look like, my sister sees angels and demons for real, she has since four years old. Her name is Dakota.
    TV Producer
    Tellurvision Studios

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